MetroWater Management

About us

MetroWater is a divison of Craig & Rhodes, and Sydney Water accredited Water Servicing Coordinator serving the development and construction industry in the Sydney, Blue Mountains & Illawarra regions of New South Wales.


  • Section 73 Applications (Notice of Requirements)
  • Section 73 Application (Complying Application)
  • Building Plan Approval Application (BOA , BAA)
  • Sydney Water asset creation and hand over
  • Waste Water (sewer) reticulation main design
  • Waste Water (sewer) carrier main design
  • Pumping Station design
  • Pressure main design
  • Construction Supervision & Management
  • Development Servicing Plan (DSP) review
  • Service Protection Report (Sewer Peg out) for building plan approval
  • Work as Executed Surveys
  • Potable & Recycled Water reticulation main design



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